Paypal set up

Log in to clubs PayPal account.
Opening screen will look similar to this.

Click Manage Buttons
Next screen will look like this however it wont be populated with buttons.

Click Create new button.

  1. Choose a button type. Click down arrow, select Buy now from list.
  2. Item name. ie Area 3 Membership Payment Button
  3. Customise Button. Click first box.
  1. Enter as per below screen shot above following on screen instructions to create each line.
    Maximum options are10, therefore only October £24.00 to July £6.00 can be entered. Click Done
  2. Select whichever option you fancy. Email address must be one registered with PayPal.
  3. Select step 3 and see screen shot below.

Customise checkout page.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Take customer to this URL when they cancel their checkout
  5. Take customer to this URL when they finish checkout
  6. Click save changes

On the next screen, if it shows Website and Email tabs, select Website.
Click within the code area and press Command + A (Apple) or Control + A (PC).
Press Command + C (Apple) or Control + C (PC) to copy the code.
Create an email to and past code into email.

Job done!